State Certified Professional Inspectors


4-Point Inspection

Includes HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), Roof, Electrical and Plumbing systems check. This inspection is required by insurance companies.

Wind Mitigation

Roof coverage, attic and dwelling openings are inspected. This report allows home owner to get a discount with the insurance premium.

Residential Inspection

The latest technology and software are used to accomplish the residential inspection for your property.

Mold Inspection

We are licensed to do mold inspections and we also check for moisture in the whole property. Air samples are taken to the lab to get fast results.

Why work with Us?

Good Point offers its clients a professional opinion regarding the condition of their property. It focuses on the visual inspection of specific components of the residence. The objective is for the clients to receive a clear and trusted opinion when it is time to buy a new property.

Buyers, sellers, real estate agents and insurance agents, receive a detailed and interactive report with photos and videos that show the visual inspection of the property, easy to understand.

We use the latest equipment and technology with a software made by expert engineers, to achieve efficiency and precision in the report.

Our Services

Home Inspection, 4-Point Inspection, Wind Mitigation, Mold Inspection, Thermal Inspection

Area of Coverage

State of Florida

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Tel: 305-894-6152